Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st first Yangz shooter ( Zoo )

Woke up at 7.16am and just pack up the stuff slowly thx to the left eye and my body which is drained of energy. Love the air con!! =X

Went to Euno Mrt station there and lobang Mapper48 car. Reach the zoo before 8.30am. Hehehe, so that why you must buy a car if you got the chance. Get the chance to pay ERP yourself too. XD

Get to see quite a number of photographer too. See all their lens, woa....I think I hide myself liao. Hahaha, get to know several people too. It was quite exciting cause everyone was like chatting what kind of shot we will be taking. We even crowd around the flower to take the picture of the bumble bee which flying here and there non stop. We had group shot and then everyone set out in different road. Some split into group and family. The admission ticket cost only $10 and that include the tram ride. ^^ right?

Tag along with Mapper48, we help each other by exchanging the picture we took. We keep change the ISO, shutter speed and The aperture accordingly to the surrounding brightness. It was very nice, we keep shoot and study together. I set the EV -1 and -3 sometime. So quite a number of pic are underexposure. Sad =(

Hmmm, we meet up with the core members after the lunch. Mapper48 went off early for his stuff after the lunch. Cckue and mapper48 seen to be holding the job position. =O
Same bag same len....but different camera body!! =X Cckue, you can consider D300 you know. Haha. I cant really say stuff in detail but it nice to know everyone especially the one with a 500mm Len which itself weight 3kg and his bag is 2x heavier. The tripod I complain of bringing just drop dead ever the conversation with him. Passion rock!!! XD

Went home with cckue, I walk back home from lot1 instead of taking lrt. Sometime it just feel good to be back in the place you grow up in. I didnt call anyone else cause I meeting peng yu already. Cut hair first then rest a while. So in the evening, we went out with airpork for dinner and then went geylang eat durian with Tz and Ax. We also walk walk around. Hehe. =X

So I was abit shock to see this underage** girl. A local too.... =/ Kinda of curious question in my mind ready to ask her. Well, money is important but sometime there are just something that is more important than money. Truth is that everyone got own mental and physcial need. However in my eye, I can only see that these are the people who went for physcial need only and materialistic stuff that all. The world is a beauty that embedded with evil beneath it skin. There is no wrong or right. This is life..... =/

Tml puala ubin outing with the west shooterz!! No long pant!! I think I gonna lose plenty of weight thx for the bloody thirsty mosquitos waiting happily for us. XD

Xiao shu 70-300mm is abit too old and not really working* Sian, that why so many pictures turn facult?? =X think so**

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