Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 Days

This is P ubin trip with the West shooterz!! Hehe.....finally post it

I`m lagging behind the expected work to be done. Considering the time needed for test print and mounting blah blah. It really GG. -_-||

No more dota for me from today onward till the assessment end. Wont be any enough sleep but it ok to be walking zombie. No motivation during the pass weeks but only now able to get it. That why I alway hand up last minute work. Grrrr..... Flame of Recca is definitely worth watching again. Too bad the anime doesnt go according with the comic strip. I found this useful info about HDR photography. Gonna try it soon


Let ask ourselves. What changes do you want to see in yourself if there a chance back the time? Or it can be after everything, what else you wish to do? Ok la, I think I just want to get over this assessment first. Just really need help in the coloring of my character, spot one fatal mistake that I never done enough detail in color style.

The nights these few days seen to be so stuffy. Just cant believe my luck that the air con spoil.....

If there a chance now, I think I just want to tell you I`m sorry for the past. If I can say that personally, I think I will feel contend.

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