Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Creative Adobe workshop Free seminars

I attend the seminars located at SMU administration building conference hall. I reach about 9.30am and I was abit surprise to see a number of people already crowding outside. Looking around for a while short moment, I can bet I`m should be the youngest attending the workshop. =D

Went to the registration counter and I was to told to give my business card for the lucky draw. Great, I should have write my name on a piece of paper and tear it out exactly as the business card size. The first prize is adobe master design worth $2500.
=O Awesome!!!

Met Guat Teng with 2 of her student who is studying at nayang poly 2nd yr. Yes yes!! I`m not alone!!! Get to learn that Nayang poly offer VC course 2yrs ago. It wasa new course but it spell trouble to many. Our rice bowl seen to be shrinking? Right fellow designers and photographer?? Only the strongest will remain while the weak will be outcast. XD OMG!!! We still have the singapore Art school coming right up. So few years down the road, everyone gonna be crazy soon.

There are more than 300 pple attending the workshop. Dont see all the face like nerd or auntie or those uncle who like to go kopitam and TCSS. These people are actually web,graphic, multi-media, video blah blah designers and we even have post production crews down there attending the workshop. 0o!!!.....that why I say dont judge people by their look. =D You will be inviting trouble if you keep doing that. You know who I`m saying. =X

A few well known design firm crews are hiding among the audience like the ET creative if not wrong and the rest cant remember. The lecturers make everything very simple and understandable. The rate they talk is slow enough for beginners too. What is much more interesting is that they make the whole workshop interactive. I didnt really feel sleepy except my eye hurts. Bet last night play too much dota liao. =X

The workshop consist of Inkdesign, illustrator, Flash, photoshop( All are CS3 new feature.) If you ask me is it nice, of course!!! Tips and short cut are taught which many didnt know. Fellow bro and sis, we do use these software but how much do we actually know all about the function of these designing software? =D

I`m very impressed and I will definitely regret it if I didnt sign up for it. Kinda of lucky to register early. Must thank Justin for the news. The seminars end at 5pm. Tired!!

The next workshop at yo chu kang which about manipulating photo in photoshop is coming up.No idea whether there time for me. =/

*Info provide by Cencil( Clubsnap )

The Yio Chu Kang CC Photo/Video Club is conducting a free workshop and outing on 19th April Saturday from 1pm to 6pm on Basic Photography for newbies.

Title: Introduction to Photography
Duration: 2 hours plus outing 3 hours
Venue: Yio Chu Kang CC (Ang Moh Kio St 61) 5 minutes to Yio Chu Kang MRT

Topics covered:

1) Introduction to the Camera - Compact and DSLR
2) Auto and manual functions
3) How to shoot
4) Composition
5) Photo Editing
6) The Work Flow
7) Printing your picture
8) Questions and answers

Its free with no obligation to help those interested in photography or just starting out in photography. <---Tread

If you are interested in photography, join clubsnap and pm your detail to Cencil. He is the one in charge. =)

Next info provide is by Skyimage ( Clubsnap )

AsianGEOgraphic is looking for special photograph from talented amateur and professional photographer. One winner and runner-up will be selected from each category. An overall Grand prize will be awarded to the best overall picture. The top photograph will be exhibited as part of an "ASIA Without BORDERS" photography exhibit schedule to be held in Dec 2008.
Grand Prize
1 x Canon 5D
1 x ExOficio Photographer Jacket
1st Prize (each Category)
1 x Canon 5D
2nd Prize (each Category)
1 x Camelback Cross 25 Hydration Backpack
1) The Land - Evocative, colourful landscape or seascapes that capture the unique, physical beauty across Asis.
2) Humanity - Images that capture the diversity and colour of the people who call Asia home, whether an intimate portrait or a striking moment captured at a festival.
3) Wild Places - images of marine animals and wildlife that inhabit the gardens, forests and seas of Asia.
4) Man's Imprint - images that capture both ancient and modern architectural.
Contest begin 15 March 2008 at 0000hrs S'pore time and ends 30 September 2008 at 2359 S'pore time. All entries must be received by September 30th 2008 at 2359 hrs EST.
Name of the winners in each category will be available online at after 15 October 2008.
Winning entries will also be published in the Dec 2008 Annual Edition of Asian GEOgraphic.
Further details, visit;

I dont take credit for providing these workshop or competition information. I`m just spreading around. If you need better lens or filter or camera, I can recommend one to you. Danielskl in clubsnap!!! =D

Woa....tired....haven do my work for tml. >.<||

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