Saturday, April 12, 2008


The Ecp first TCSS was very successful with 6members turning up. According to Daneal, this is the first gathering. 5 nikon user and 1 canon user. Yes!! Nikon rock!! =X I was quite surprised that I`m the youngest when everyone in the forum sound around my age like Eward (Mapper48) and Blomqvist who was actually 48 and 27 respectively. =O Creak creak~~

It goes with a good start when I was being asked who the first hamsterlord?? XD Chit-chat until suddenly everyone want a night shoot and we set off straight away after the group shot. LOL!! Eward got a D3 and I was woa when he told us his first camera is D3!! Waaa, the best part is that he got 18-200mm VR lens. I want that lens!! XD I was more woa when he took out sb 800 for the group shot. Salute!! =3 That 2 stuff is enough to have me totally equipped.Sit in Blomqvist car and he went to fetch his wife at paya lebar there the keith~~~ warehouse sale. 0o!! I also want to buy!!! jk....tsk tsk....

Meet up at Esplanade where I get to know Matrick who is a freelance wedding photographer. Nice guy, get to learn bit of tips too. I make only 12 click and 2 pic look quite nice to me. Hmmm, the rest are blur la. Hahaha......Chill there until for an hour and we went to Eunos to have roti-prata!! XD Myopia just cant satisfy himself with a fishburger meal. =3 I very long time never eat roti prata!! It was fun and interesting. Maybe everyone there is adult, it is much more easier to communciate. Really enjoy myself very much and also with the food that myopia intro. Shoick!!! =D

Patrick!!! Thx for the lunch. I gonna hunt for you the coming friday for free meal again. ROAR!!! XD Thx for the tips, I will work harder for it. ^^

Tml Tangz shooter outing at Zoo. 8.30am outside entrance, now already 1.36am. Pray I wont just tapped off my hp alarm and doze off again. Or Mapper48 gonna wait like mad for me. =X

My dear daughter, that is love. Let time digest everything, hold on the faith in your heart. =)

Counting sheep in 5min....gogogog

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