Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eye hurtz

I slept at my xiao shu rm just because I need the air con. Ytd night is really stuffy. >.>||....the best part is my left eye hurtz alot. Like something is stuck inside the eye. You know you can dig out the eye and put inside the cup mixed with detergent and water. Most likely when you fixed your eye back. Your eye is as good as new. Provided if you can fixed* it. =3

Get the eye-mo at auntie shop. Auntie!! How my new hair style?? Relax man, I`m cutting it again. It will be ground zero. Oh ya, the crowbar award is $27 student price. You can just find the detail down there on the net. So good luck!! I`m not taking since I can proudly say I dont have the time and money to join in the fun. XD

Dota Dota......from 2004 till now. How long I`m been playing dota? I no idea but sure I waste alot of time on that. I know it is wrong but I`m still doing it. =D What you think? Awwww.....

Dont stare the computer screen too long. You never know when will the monitor or lcd will explode right at your face. =X If you are still using the flat screen monitor. Please go buy LCD or plasma. Cause that monitor radiate alot more than ancient monitor and lcd.

Look, it gonna be 10pm soon!!! I`m still going for dota!!! OMG!!! God save me!! XD

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