Monday, April 14, 2008

Loving it~~

Recalling last friday event~

TCSS session at siglap mac. The birth of ecp shooterz~ Knowing Daneal79, Myopia, Mapper48, Blomvqist and Withness was really a warm hugging encounter to me. I love them all. Night shot, roti prata, kopi, laughter. Let do it again after my assessment. XD

Sat- Tang shooterz, know more pple!! Lobang Mapper48 BM at Eunos and enjoy the ride and conversation.Get to know cckue better. Love the animals there, not enough the discount for the ticket paid~>> =D Love the pic other upload. Very inspiring. Night time for durian, walk walk in geylang. Understanding more about ways of life. Did feel pity but it was just a feeling that all. Must thx Peng yu.

Sun- West shooterz Report!!! Totally cant wake up on time, rush to tanah merah MRT and reach at 7.37am. Late late late~> Get to know new members. Cool, everyone is so sporting and socialable. Daniel keep make joke out of me la, but did limit himself. Feel very happy when someone make joke out of me but still really care for me. One great guy I must confess. Laughter and conversation all days long. Trekking rock!!! Talk cock along the way non stop. Get to see Cckue marco len effort. Superior effect!!! Uncle han and uncle Ho marco lens~~> All eye big big. XD

Become the model of the day posing lame but funny pic. Take dinner before everyone went back. Cheer for the West shooterz!!!

Mon- One of my god-bro birthday. His wish is simple. To meet me~> =O Meet another bro and my 2daughter. Went to Hai diagas chill. Chat chat chat and show my picture of puala ubin. Went back home totally shag. Serious I dun have sufficient sleep. XD

These 4days are very tiring but this 4day is a motivation for me. An inpsiration that one need to carry on.

Internship is in proccess. Most likely will work as assistant photographer for wedding shoot or work in studio. Whatever it is, I will do my utmost best and for the sake of those who have given me their support. All of you will alway be remember!!! Cheer!!! XD

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