Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No time~~~

The assessment is really screwing my life now. Worst still is that my design concept have to change because it dont work. Awww, my brain is running out of juice if I gonna think hard. Stress stress stress!!!

Got a surprise sms from one of my buddy. A bit of conversation and we just wish that we could turn back the time. How the fun time in secondary school become paradise. The faces that call out on you whenever seeing you and jokes that tag along after that. Basketball in blk 8 and plenty of chatting through the whole afternoon. Match of 3v3 , 4v4 and even 5v5 with other watching the excitment. The bros and sis that I had in school, sharing my burden and my joy. Plenty of friends out there who pop out in the canteen get to have drink and snack together. Monday to sat, lesson do sux. However everyone there I knew is motivation to come to school. So much memory that sometimes I do feel my heart ache to part with so many great friends. Though we do cross our destiny and part. We dont have a sad parting for we know we will be waiting forward to meet each other again. Distance is not a matter but in reality it is. Time and money consumed for the transport but a car may solve the existing problem. =D

I do care and do miss everyone out there. It not that I am emo but I believe the best memory I had within is from that period.

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