Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Decided to create a public blog but will still retain the dark side of the current blog. Helo everyone!!!

How lives?? If you realise I didnt speak to anyone of you for more than 3 months, I was just plain busy that all. My mistake if I didnt told you I already move to siglap 2yrs ago. That should be enough to tell you why I like suddenly vanish. =P So how are you all? Miss me?? XD

If you ask me still got play basketball.Forget about the basketball, I already got a problem running 100m now. Climbing a 3storey high is enough to make me gasp for air. Lie feng is still living. However we are now a leisure group instead of basketball team. You still can find some of the members still active in cck CC like javin, chen ming, yuan man. Some of the guys went NS digging trench and shooting birds. However we will still hold gathering weekly which I miss nowaday. I miss teckwhye err no...I miss everyone in chua chu kang!! Last time every friday meet near lot1. Now at home playing dota just because I didnt know anyone in siglap to have kopi with me. Sian sian sian~!!! East coast park quite near but go alone for? =3

Want to organize media bytes club gathering this year. Awww, dunno everyone can make it anot. Come and think of it, that time should have retain the old hp no. =(
If you are going to tell me poly life suck, I will say of course. Hahaha, some people are just not meant to go along with.

I got my new camera Nikon D80. And so you got any friend who need portfolio whether is model shot, product or food shot. Pm me can le. The rest you should know, talk face by face with kopi!! I forget alot of faces and their names. Sigh~ is that a crime for a STM person? I miss out alot of people birthday as well as many people miss out my birthday too. =X ok, I was joking. Anyone birthday got party, tell me and I will pop up on that and take photos for you. Hehehez, no present of course!! As usual~>>> =3

Life is hard, you stress I stress. I think everyone is just too stress. What to do? Singapore life is like that one. =D

Remember to link me although I`m not going to link you. Heez. Tata

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