Monday, May 12, 2008

End of year 2!!!

                                                                           UFO SUNSET

                                                                    Hand up baby!!


Assessment is finally over. Deprived from sleep. So during the night, I just sleep straight for 9 hours and another 4hours in the noon. Love the cool breeze of the wind when it rain. Finally can say good bye to 2nd year and helo to 3rd year. There will be plenty of hell works waiting for all NAFA students. Get a good break or you will break down during school term. =X
I decided to go graphic design since my brain are quite dull to do those creative concept stuff. 

Went to Punggol Beach with clubsnap bros organized by Mapper48. We had 8 people including Falcon_night from tang shooter. The weather wasnt very good, the sky are cloudy. It high tide and plenty of rock are beneath the seawater.  Attempted the long exposure but all the picture come out isn`t up to standard. Forget to clean my lens for my 18-70mm. All pictures have a black dot at the left side of the lens. Even I can amend it with clone tool. Somehow still feel abit frustrated for preparing my stuff well. Oh well.....

The dinner is quite nice. Marcus order ice milo but it taste like ice milo lime.... Apparently someone sweat just drip down to the milo. Extra taste!!! =X
The staff change the milo but the new drink still taste the same. ._.|| the end, Marcus get a canned drink. 

Time so pass fast yet it is so SLOW when assessment is near!!! Grrrrr!!!

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