Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When time fly

This is the main prayer hall in pungol temple. Heard your prayer will come true. =O Picture abit off line. oopx.... =X
 One of the night shot in yee tee done last week. This is HDR photo even you dont believe it, you can try doing a long exposure shot yourself. =P Not quite sure I set the brightness correctly, my eye want to close le........

You should go to the jurong bird park if you never been there or at least 3-4 yrs never been there. Plenty of birds for you to see. Haha, this parrot painting is awesome. Maybe it can just a few stroke in your eye but it a bird who is painting it. =D Love the outing with the wezt shooterz!!

I was trying to modify the the blogskin templates but was stuck with the new widget templates script. I copy and paste in my dreamweaver to see nothing. Hmm, I dont want to use classic templates because the linking save alot of time. Can try to add in by the Element change.

1week ever since the assessment. Sound cool? You bet!! Finally went back teckwhye and stay for 5 days. It good but not good whenever my mother start to say something that really annoy me. =/
I was chatting with grandma (mom side) about career and my school stuff. I was telling her only after NS then can start making money. My mom just shoot me that I should not waste time in my sec school 1 more yr and she just use my friends to pressure me. Fine, since you are so jealous about other why dont you give birth to them. I was disappointed when I heard what my mom say to my brother when he is sick. She just say drink somemore cold water la. Omg, what kind of joke is this? Your son is sick and this is your reaction? My brother is more angry than me when he bring his gf home to let mom say all kind of nonsense to his gf. Ayiooo.....

Get to have dinner with yuan man they all except afew. Sheng huat just return from Macau. Everyone just dont believe he will go oversea. Haha, can you expect a hardcore gamer to step out of his house? =D  Finally after 1yrs, get to go to canal on friday to eat and chit chat there. It will be nice to bring a girl alone to watch the stars and the moon at the bridge. Gonna try next time. Get to walk around and take photo with guo xiong until 2am plus. Hmmm, sometime I think it good to sleep forever!! Must have air-con set to 24c , a bed with quilt, lavender perfume oil, ionizers and soft instrumental music surround system. It really heaven if only I can get a taste of it!!!! XD 

You can spot plenty of grammer , spelling , tense mistake. Why? My brain is too tired....

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