Sunday, June 1, 2008

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                     TFCD Group photo by Darren ( Not in photo : 2 models and Yamapi )

21 on the way. It reaching...RUN!!! XD

Happy? Worry? Contend? It kinda hard to say. Overall life is very good with so many nice people around. 

750 photos per month sound quite easy but now it sound quite worry cause this is the 2nd week and I still at home playing dota all day long. My upload is only 95. 0o!!!....Sound scary. Went to Bro Danielskl house and share some information regarding the photoshop. Get understand more about wedding photography as well as studio stuff. I was even given this website which is very valuable in videography. Most likely will learn that during the 3rd yr which I heard about it. Wonder if I go graphic do I still need to learn anot.  Just check it out =)

This is Big Day Pictures production video link - 

I dont think I can make it for the flyer competition. Is either I really ton 1 night over there finding different angle of view to shoot or I just have to crack my head on it. The TFCD organise by CS Edwinlkg is great not forgetting CS Majujat who also help out alot. CS Boombox bring along the reflector and the flash stand. He never took the pictures, he help out assisting the lighting and set up for the group photo. It a great outing and get to mix around. Went to Merlion there to help out the CS photo aid awhile. Very short while. =X I just no idea why I feel shy approaching strange to ask for donation so I just stand there holding the info card and the salvation army card around. -)

Meet Eward and went to have dinner together along with Willis , Boombox and Yamapi. Ok, now cut short. Going sleep liao. 

Cheer for those who send their regard and those didnt. I only wish the disaster victims in xi zhuan and Myamner  will get all the help they need. Yup that all and good night. 


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