Sunday, June 15, 2008

Astro Summer Camp

1)  Game station IC leading the way. 
 2) Look closely, 2nd last person seen to be peeping. =X                                  
3) Part of the obstacles for the participant                           
4) Several people took very long time to fall. Just too afraid!! =P             
5) Superb straight and landing!!
6) Oh My God , this one need more manpower!!! 7 people support!! =D
7)  Safe!! Phew... XD
8)  Alamak!! I slip!!  Most leaders start to ask for medic. Haha

9) Mascot Team!! Cheer!!

10) Spongbob and Flint stone performance. 
11) Night walk set up
12)  Covering all the exit signboard light and testing of the actual spot.
13) When ankle start to talk to each other. ^^V
14)  Time to call the Grass Cuter. 
15) Oo~ lalalala~ Cute!!

Went to Ngee Ann poly Astro Summer camp at the 2nd day around evening. Special thank to Jeff the president of Astro Club to allow me joining the camp. Went to take photos of the camp events and help out. Get to know plenty of people there. It damn cool. 

The bindfold I help out 1 time to support the falling. The person is the biggest size in that camp. I try one time only because when the person fall on our arms. All the 6 person face become X_X.....MEDIC!!!! Hahaha, I hurt my left shoulder. Kinda unmovable for a while but overall it alright. Salute the Leaders there for staying put to finish the whole bindfold game. Lucky Ken, jeff , jasper and David are there or else really no idea how to tahan till the last participant. =)

Help abit in the setup and accompany Yuan man since he is the organizer for the night walk. 2 block and get to see how it is like. Due to darkness, I`m unable to take a clear picture of  the whole team of people setting up the night walk. A team of 10plus walking and planning the route. Discussion regarding the amount of light stick , time interval of each participant , check point and the various problem that may pop up. After that went to the lecturer hall room to see the participants preparing for the mascots. Want to post some indiviual cute and funny one but it better to give them some piracy . =)

Went to set up the stuffs for the night walk. Lightsticks were being put on the route. Kinda of long for me. Using newspaper to cover the light board and trash paper for obstacle. It very new to me. =)  The funniest thing is that everyone stop and stare at lizard tail which dropped off while setting up halfway. Seen like quite a few people never see it before. Overall, the night walk is quite smooth though somehow someone try to stop me from taking photos because the spirits told him that they are unhappy with me flashing. Oo||....believe it or not. It all up to you. =)

The only part I didnt finish the stuff was taking the acting and the group photos for them. Oop, didnt done a clean job. Hahaha. Overall, the camp is good. Maybe will try to take part and take photos again. =D

Hope to see everyone again. Thank ^^

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