Saturday, June 7, 2008

A better speed

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The photo uploading is really kind of -_-|| 1 photo editing plus upload take 10min plus. So I have to up load near 90 each day and the deadline. Get to find out more about HDR from one of the CSer. Ytd night went to clark quay there and get to see paint with  light photography. Overall it is quite a fun night and learn more about night shot setting. Whatever you snap , dun pump up the ISO. =)

The first TFCD is very exciting. Everyone enjoy it but something else happen. There were rumor that the organizer mislead both parties. There isnt any paid model during that outing. The organizer just swallow the money which our fellow cser pay. We wouldnt mind treating meal and abit of money for transport. However $170 for 6models? It not like we are petty, it ok if the money divide between them. However the first 2 models are not paid too. The 4 remaining girls get $10 for the extended time. That all. Where did the remaining $130 go? I was quite surprise that the organizer told me on phone that because of the poor weather he forget to get refreshment for us. Wow, I didnt know Tfcd got this kind of stuff. 

The rumors somehow demoralized the whole team. =( 
Anyway, people with ill intention will be exposed sooner or later. =)

Guess ytd night was the last night to receive birthday msg. XD 

Waa lan, so many photos left to Di and upload. 

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