Monday, June 23, 2008

Say good bye

Broken heart ( Dig it out from my old photos )
Together forever ( So loving both of them ) =D
Together forever 2 ( I cant get the exact photo I want for this) 
Waiting for someone? 
Frankly speaking, we are burning the paper not the charcoal. Hahaha!!
Model: Karen
Model: Sophia
Model: Shi Lin

One thing for sure. It is very hard to take model shot outdoor plus if the photographer to model is 5:1 ratio. Pretty much of the photos are taken in vain. Awww.....

Congratulation  to Daniel for having  his baby!! =) I want to see the baby cute anot!!! XD

During these 10days , afew outing inspire me alot. Really love to stick with Willis and continue to learn from him. Unlike other, his words really motivate me about life. In my heart, he is just like my mentor. Peng yu went NS so hopefully this 2 years he can enjoy before stepping to the real society. Not forgetting Huan yeong who is also going too in 2week time. 

The UOB photography deadline is on 3rd July. Well, definitely this is the competition I will take part. =)

Isaiah agree to let me finish the task till September. Hurray!!! I just cant bear to tell him that actually the first 3 week I take photos of the wrong direction. I didnt read the instruction well. However I just wish to finish everything asap to hop onto the next internship which I been wanted. 

Met Edmund  and Roy with their friends at blk 302 several days ago. Hehe, so long never contact them le. Time did tied everyone down but memory still linger around. 

21 June.Went to east coast park during 5.30am to take photo sunrise. Chill pretty long and explore shot of angle including shutter. Finally get to take photo of the moon clearly. Went to Water Art Festival with the Wezt shooterz and take some photos but  dont think the pictures take out good due to the distance and lighting .

22 june. Went to the potluck by the ECP group!!! Yes!!! 2nd outing!! Come and think about it. Our group are much more leisure type. Enjoy life and snap around when we happy. Hahaha. Happen to tell Hendy about some problem I facing. So overall he mention I lack of confidence. Sometime it is better to take marco shot of other flowers. There are plenty of flowers all around, dont have to be just that one. I a person who goes accordingly to feeling, it not easy to say want or dont want.  I never want to be a guy anyway, I rather be just a girl. It pointless of being a guy who do not have confidence. I have no idea how to boost or gain my self-confidence when it come to relationship. So I never understand why am I born as a guy. I`m not in depression now but this is the way I feel. If I am the gal and she the guy. I will be happy to cry my heart out night by night till the last piece of her washed away along with the tears. I am just too fustrated over myself for being such a weakling. Come and think of why does it happen this way. I can only blame myself.

I admit I am just too inexperience. There are too many things I just didnt know. There are many things I lack of. The only thing I say to myself to is keep moving. 

So it finally good bye.....  I hope the coming school term can end faster to allow the change of class. Since I am so hated by her, by logical mean. It is common sense to keep quiet and leave. 

Alright switch back the topic. Marcusk and his gf make a very perfect photo. I alway like to have this kind of photos in my gallery. XD so romantic!!! Karen bring her dog which turn out to be the model of the day. Eward got a Marco len!! fellow. =X  Heex

Till today I just cant explain myself.

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