Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SB800 or a pair of hamster?

A pair of grey hamster. My friend is giving away the baby. Temptation is just that. I kinda of want some accompany at home. =)

SB800 not mentioning the Diffuser yet. Just 1 set that actually eaten up all my internship pay. So it kind of heartbreaking. >.<||....Well, I`m still rushing the photos so who know.

Ytd night after blogging went to ym house with guoxiong. After went to Shixin house to see how her hamster look like.  Met Stamford halfway, get a good chatting and some hugging. XD Reach Shi xin house only to see more than 10 hamsters running around in 5cages!! 0o....woa....CUTE!!! XD  

Helping Marcusk to see is it Roboroski but it isnt. So chat abit and went to teckwhye mac. Pop in the Fire post and chat with Unos. Chatting about lifes and NS. Definitely it fun , I guess. =)
Have our supper at Mac and then went home. 

I got a hunch that my uncle sure dont allow me to keep hamster. I not interested in fish. I know they swim around but I will feel sleepy after watching them swimming around for 10 min. A small cages and some stuff. I`m quite sure I can still able to maintain it. I just love the way they squeezing all the food in their mouth puffering up their cheek!!!

So how how?? Baby hamster is much easy to keep. Ayiaaaa.......Panic!!

It just so good to meet old friends rather moving in the east to know all the dogs and cat there.What to do since most of the bros and sis happen to live at the west. >.<|||

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