Monday, June 9, 2008

Series of lie and conspiracy

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Went to sentosa for the TFCD. I back out due to some reasons but after a phone conversation with MJ. I join back again. I like to see and hear what is edwinlkg reason for last week TFCD. Though MJ never ask him , MJ get to see the truth. It isnt wise to make use of other people passion and interest for the sake of your own benefit. So shady such a man can be, the world is just full of people we should be wary of. =/

I believe we dont need any explanation for some of the thing that happen in front of our eyes. People tend to ego when they either using IRC, playing online game and even MSN. They can spam you , flame you or insult you. They dont care but when the moment when 2 parties meet. It totally different. They will tend to more mature or they will get more aggressive. When you make fun of people in online game, you dont complain when it your turn to taste the fruit of your wrong doing. You are making yourself more stupid if you try to give reason to other. That how I think. =3

I hate lie and conspiracy..... =X

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