Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Study with the light off

Singapore Flyer at dawn

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The deadline for the 4 TFCD models was over and I haven even start to PP!! Argh , Hopefully by this thursday can e-mail them . Considering afew nice one will do. 

Ytd night near 2am , my boss Isaiah pm me first sentence. You got 8 picture rejected. Alamak , first sentence le. It really abit like scare the hell out of me. Helo boss, now what time already. Lolx.

Finally met my 2 daughter Sarah and Hui ting. Hmm, Hui ting look much more thinner. Sometime just feel worry for her. =S Chill together at Ya kun kaya Toast with their group. Bunny also there laughing away when she saw me botak. Yaya , whatever. Haha.. So spend the afternoon at Sarah house rushing my work. Cant believe it. My photo not even 300 yet. I smell doom gripping upon me!!

Went back home early just to see how my bro gf is like. Ytd night my bro told me his gf will be coming to study so if I at home can get to meet her. I went to the room and to find the room is dark. I can only see 4 legs rojak together with the soft giggling voice. Ok, that nice. I just get to learn that you can study better without light on. It must be some kind of new subject. Hopefully I get to learn it too. So is everyone else. =3

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  1. ah brother! that's very pretty! post more pictures! can post in nikon club website also if you took with nikon cam. (: