Tuesday, July 1, 2008


First....as usual.. =X

Model: Amy

Trust me, I still own 2 models of their photos for 3weeks already. At least, I did managed to finish for another 2 models. I get to chat with one of the model Angela regarding my photos. I plainly ask am I the last photographer to E-mail? Yes!! She reply.... >.<||.....sweat

Angela eye the cornea was totally black. I thought she actually wear some kind of black contact lens but it turn out she was born with it. She was very satisfied with the photos. Bleahx =)

Me and Hendy went to bedok reservoir for the dragon festival. It was awesome. The spirit of teamwork can be felt through the drum and the way they paddle. Plenty of muscular guys there and you will have a graving to have a body like their. Hahaha. The Tang shooter went on sat so we didnt get to meet them. After the shooting and lunuch with Hendy, I went back home to rest and found out I miss one of the outing I had register in the newbie outing. Sweat......

Peng yu and Xing wang share their exp in their NS. It turn out to be quite strict and funny too. The only thing I dislike is the exercise, I dont want to do all kind of exercise from morning till night please. I rather just lie down flat on the training ground and get a 1 month MC!!! HURRAY!!! 

I am very impress by Ping siong. When sometime I just come to realise that hardwork is the only way to be yourself. He told me he didnt have the talent for design. Instead he went to surf for information and test everything out. All his hardwork earn him something very remarkable feat. I cannot help but salute him and respect him more than ever. He is one of those who give me moral support when we are in secondary school. Sometime I just feel I am very honor to know him. Thought we are going into different area of field, you are definitely my role model to learn. 

Chen ming my 4th brother is going to NS on 10th july. Seriously one of this day, it good to have good conversation.  I gonna miss him alot though we didnt speak much to each other. Yaya, I know it my facult. Hahah

Kind of surprise to hear from Guo wei that Wei quan same class with  him!!! Omg!! I want to transfer to RP!! hehex..just kidding. No matter how long and far each person had walked away from each other. We will still remember who are our friends. It can be 10 yrs down the road before we get to see each other again. However I believe everyone will never forget the laughter shared together in the past. XD

Xiao mei finally got her MR Right. That what happen if you continue to be yourself. =) Wont forget this sentence you told me. Heex. Yao Xin Fu wor 

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  1. da ge! you take very pretty photos! :DDD I like all the photos. Hee.

    & woo, since you have no tagboard, I'll have to comment you! Hahaha. Hope you're doing fine!

    Glad you still remember what we talked about last time - Just be yourself. (: Thanks for your blessings. Hahaha.

    Jiayou, da ge! In everything you do! (: