Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dreamzphotog Wedding where dream begin

Unexpected face!! Dyn the photographer special appearance!! =D
Yeah Baby OHHHH Yeaaaa!!!! XD  Love the baby eye. He want the toy!!
Wedding Cakes
Catch the cherry from my mouth. 

SE Shot 01
SE shot 02 ( This look more like promoting flowers ) =S
The king and the queen of the day
Me and Colin from CS 
Our wedding 01
Our wedding  02 ( Which one look better? this or above one?? )

I just return from Dreamzphotog Wedding at bedok. I didnt stay till the end because my feet skin was torn. It was so pain that I decided to go home straight when the bride and groom went to change. Never wear any sock with holes if you are wearing any leather shoes. >.<||

Met Colin and we just have some chat and fun snapping around. I was dishearten when I realize how important it is a MUST to have an external flash. So I couldnt help take photos of family because the shadow and harsh lighting create poor quality. So I change to tele len and aim for candid shot. A lesson learnt and SB800 I NEED YOU NOW NOW NOW!!! Who can lend me some money? =X

The buffet was very nice. I love the rice and the curry. The desert is even delicious. If I`m just a guest,  I can sit from 2pm till 6pm eating non-stop and return home to find myself heavier by another 5kg. Jk. I was struck by BBB virus once again when Colin let me try out the D300 with the 24-70mm VR and along with SB800 plus the diffuser. God of fortune, I`m going to buy you some nice and juicy durians. Just let me win 10k of 4D is enough. I will buy 1 whole set of different sushi for you after I spend the money I needed on the camera. XD We get to chat with Muthus the main photographer of the day. And we realize all photographer that help to snap are from CS!!!! Hurray!!! 

SB900 IS OUT!!! IT ONLY $670!!! Ayiaaaaa.......I feel so sad....Need money sia...

Rusell told me the internship I`m doing is not counted. I am very shocked by what he told me. My job scope is to go out and take photo and then edit it. What am I suppose to do when the boss want me to work at home not at office. I wasnt inform about this kind of stuff. Now what going to happen to me? I feel kind of unfair. I have arranged to meet the boss on monday and see how. Seriously, I`m going for Bridal studio as my 3rd internship. What if I`m being send to take ROM and actual event? This is it. I will ask for details first and counsel both the lecturer and my boss again. I`m not sure my boss is supportive of me anot. Let hope all the best to me. Gawww gawww

I want to give name to both of my hamster. However both look the same to me so I dont know how to spot out who is who. Ytd night , both of them are having party by knocking the water bottle against the acrylic wall with some singing session along with the sound of hamster wheel rolling over and over again. I give up tolerating the fun they are having by taking out the hamster wheel and the water bottle.  Ayiooo.... really nothing to say

Cant find Constance to chat on friday and sat. Kinda of =/ =O Get some wash up and time to go stars grazing at the beach with the guys!!! Hurray!!!! =D

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