Monday, July 7, 2008


Model: Shuyee
Model : Aki

Finally finish all the TFCD. I guess I wont be able to upload other 4 model photos since they didnt sign the mrf form. >.<

70-300G is definitely not an option for outdoor TFCD. If you are still using, please use it for other purpose. Detail , sharpness and color wised are definitely 1 out of 5. I will recommend 70-200mm VR. I just get to try it with one of CS friend when he went to slim lim to buy it. It cost $2650 but the spec and output are very impressive. I`m not going to poison anyone but I`m telling you all that I kanna BBB virus!! Lolx. All photos are being photoshop edited. And it can took an hour to edit one. Sweat*

I realise I had to rush the internship quota as fast as possible due to the fact that school is opening soon. Left 625 photos more to go.  I have to admit I am abit slow and inefficient in work progress. I was very dishearten when I realise each outing not more than 30 photos can be used except for landmark or events. Singapore is small yet not small enough. There plenty of things to take. However what image make a good stock? For commercial values as in? For printing such as letter cover etc or poster or web? I realise almost all photos can be used for stock photos. Every company can use different type or kind of photos for their own purpose. It can be abstract but unique. It can be plain and simple but you will still be baffled by how much people who like it. So what is a good stock photo? 

I like to snap and edit photo. However I hate uploading and filling in the description when my english is so limited that some of the basic object I dont even know how to name it. 3rd day of my hamsters settling down in my bedroom. The water bottle doesnt seen to be working. Sometime there no water even the bottle is filled. Gonna buy a hamster wheel , water bottle and maybe a hamster ball. At least now I`m not lonely though in the middle of the night, the hamsters just go cracking the nuts making a small din. lolx

SB900 is coming out!! The light meter can reach 200mm which is damn cool man. However the price is sure wtf. $900 plus. I`m now wondering should I just wait for SB900 come out and buy SB800. Definitely price will drop!! Hehe. Save money!! Time to consider a batt grip plus 2 more batt. 

Though I told boss I will finish the quota by sept. However the temptation of cash is driving me faster!! Let me finish the internship fast and a satisfaction work for the boss. Stock photographer is challenging. Before you moving on to moving figure, animal , sport , automobile , events shot. Still life is definitely the basic thing to start with. I learn plenty of thing even though working alone. Not easy but I`m quite glad I got this job. Alright!!! 1025 photos here I come!!! Chiong arrhhhh!!!

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