Saturday, July 19, 2008

GG for coming Sems

Another part of my family members =)
Pouring out passion
Saga Love
Sniff sniff....
Squeak!!! XD

School opening this coming week!!! ='(

I check the timetable again. I was shocked to see monday to friday got lesson. There wasnt any off day in between!!! My pocket money is burning bigger this time I guess. Awww....

3days ago, finally got a chance to call out Apple. Together with guo xiong we went to Ym house. Saw Yc and uncle!! Chill down there relax and chit chat abit. Yc get to share how he get MC to aim for the repost of his NS which was quite hilarious and lame. I wont mind suffer for 2 yrs to kill the fat in my tummy. =X Went Sunshine place to have snack and then send apple home. I just feel very happy for apple now. People do change for the better. -)

2days ago, went to book basic theory and visit sheng huat. Went his house, see his poly Cert and the grade. Chat the whole afternoon and then got a chance to have an afternoon nap. I like the cool breeze and the warm sunlight. Waaa...shoick!!! Saw Uncle and get to have 2box of Mercy chocolate. =X Went home during the evening, buy the bedding for the hamsters. Yao Jun cant make it in night so kinda of eager to see him even more. Grin* Watched Red cliff with Kelvin and have breakfast at Mac in Orchard. Reach home at 5am plus. 

Ytd have family dinner. Went Chomp chomp. Nice food nice price, everything is so nice. I think I eat 2 person share. =X Chat about what teenager alway think of. A snap and home sweet home. =) When I saw the photo. Omg!!! I think I`m going for slimming campaign. >.>||

I give the last bottle of Saga seed to someone whom I feel deserve it more. For 2 valentine, I couldnt bring myself to give her. Time is ticking, bit by bit eating away the passion I still cling on. Loving those who need care and concern is better than loving someone who turning a cold shoulder on you. This is how I feel.Half a yr left, hope everyone can have smooth sail ahead. =)

I maybe dumb in anything or everything. I guess it alright.

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