Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iron deficiency anemic

Flowing upward. A bit blur. 
A lovely sight in the car. It raining!!! =D 
I love this parrot. Small peak small wing small brain too!! I think*

Let me see, if there no mistake. I think I got Iron deficiency anemic. Not sure is it serious anot. Went to search when my finger nail just turn purplish for more than a week. Feeling more tired than usual... =O Climb 2 stair already pant like mad.... I`m not fat but I think I getting old. =X A very unusual way of consoling myself. Hoho.

The info state; Person with anemia may feel tired and fatigue easily , appear pale , develop palpitations and become unusually shot of breath. O.o!!

Palpitations; Unpleasant sensation of irregular and/or forcefull beating of the heart. (Arrhythmias) Which refer to heartbeats that are too slow , too rapid, irregular or too early.

So do you think you got all this symptom? =O
Sometime staying in car during the rain is quite relaxing depending on what music you played. Like the rain drops on the window. Kinda of romantic I guess. 

Went to Dasoi ytd with louis. Everything is only $2!! Cool man, plenty of stuffs I feel like buying. However in the end I bought lavender scent and Ocean scent. I think I`m gonna get velvet rose too. Time to save money I Think. 

Chen ming with his platoon are having outfield ytd. Mosquitos will welcome them with their greatest blood sucking technique. =X

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