Thursday, July 31, 2008

It about life

The Alien times- Celebration of victory

I will have that kind of expression when I got lot of cash around me. Dont be sad if you  fail in something or you fail repeatedly. Learn to cheer for yourself. For you had done what you could. Ignore those who gonna jeer at you. I draw this to celebrate my victory of failing my basic theory the 4th times. So BANZAI!! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!! XD

So I visit my secondary school after the basic theory test. Met Mdm Mary and get to heard one of my classmate Sheena was actually married and is working at posb bank in yishun. The story I heard about her really inspire me further more. In the past, people use to make fun of her and bully her. Till some extend, some even ignore her. She remain positive and look cheerful everyday. Her spirit of life is so strong that it finally touch the heaven. Yup, wish her all the best. =)

Visit the senior staff room to find Mrs lau my Art , english teacher. My 2nd visit to find her turn out in vain. She just happen to have something on. Wow..... =( However I get to saw Mdm lye and Mrs Ong. So I get the chance to share what happen the years after leaving secondary school. It a heart warming session and I get learn from both of them the view in life. Yes my dear teachers , I will do my best and show her what kind of person I am. Hopefully, Gods dont play anymore prank on me. =) I will work harder for it. 

So for quite a period of time, the sharing session ended and I start to ask whether any of the teacher is teaching AAA my cousin. Was pretty shocked to learn what my cousin done even he is in sec2 only. So after hearing it, I share what I know about his family background. It a messy family background. The parent are quarreling.......extra affair etc etc.... so it kind of sad. So went to visit Mr Ong the vice P and had abit of conversation. Get to hear more detail about AAA. Was very shocked to see the records he had in sec2. Not long later, I left the school and went to the canal to take train track and pray in the forgotten altar. 

Reach home during evening and call my AAA father and inform him that the school wish to meet him regarding AAA. AAA father tone was change from happy to sad when I mention AAA. He told me he had told AAA already. He just didnt want to listen. So I find AAA and met him. A short conversation asking him what he been doing, what happening and what he really want. This kind of people are not bad in nature. True they are immature, I am almost like them when I was in sec2 too. It part of life. Everyone had to walk different path that all. They need more care that all. They are so young. Give chance and guide them along. They will be successful and the next generation of citizen. Stop your ignorance and depise these people. You wont know till you are in their shoes. This could be one sided talk from me. So the best is for you to ask how their family background and their surrounding area. 

Meet up with Alvin for dinner at lot1. Shop in popular book store a while and went library hunting for Flash actionscript. Had haircut then back home. It a nice night to have dinner with him. =) Must contact more often!! =D

My stress level is increasing thank to the metal ring puzzle I tried at barber shop. The uncle let me take home to try but my brain cell burn after 1omin. 

Stress level : 38%

To Jeslyn from C tag board.

 Sorry, I`m not very sure which jeslyn are you. Thx for your concern. I`m sure my post will let you understand how much I still care for him. 

To Jia cheng and the gang,
  Sorry guys, I need to rush my projects work for this weekend. I wont be able to make it for the movie and the outing. Wish to see you all guys again* Bros as always*

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