Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jame Sin

A bait
Emo Hamster. Look kind of lonely. =O
Chew chew chew
Creepy smoke =O
Those were the day 
Lavender leaves and petals. Nice scent
You one slot me one slot, feeling wont die. 

We got a great lecturer name Jame for Research and communication studies. He send everyone laughing non stop through out the lesson. I really love this kind of lecturer. Learn plenty of stuff from him along with the laughter. Though I got the feeling we having moral education but he is reminding us and explaining the way things work in the world.

Hard to have a great lecturer. I sincerely wish that he can the lecturer throughout the 3rd yr. At least I know he is another mad fellow. So fun to know him. =D

Went to Nikon service center for the dirty sensor problem. It pretty fast the way they do thing. I think I only wait for 20min and they got the job done. Cool!! Too bad Tse not working there le, or else ask her out for lunch. =D

Went to chill after lesson. As usual, so the pocket is indeed burning bigger. Ouch!! Can feel the heat. =X Have a group photo and fun in the plaza sing. And home sweet home. 

I loved this post by a model in CS. Show your support and care for her by giving her your view.

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What is Love?

Is there love?

Is love out of necessary?

Is love out of visual feast?

Is love out of anything?

I am starting not to understand the concept of love, in fact , thinking of it makes me lose it. The pragmatic application of love in our modern  context as demolished the notion of true love.

Is there such a thing that even exist? Is love illusionary? I think it is because it is invisible. Then why are woman trading their bodies with money if there is such a thing as love? Why are people trying to ''buy'' love into their lives when it isn`t real?

Is there even a thing such as love? Or is it an excuse invented by men for engaging in lustful activities for procreation. Or it is biologically inbuilt in us to love one and other so as not to destroy each other? To ensure the continuity of the human race?

Salute to her!! =D

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