Friday, July 11, 2008

Mix up!!

Guess what is the Mrt Staffs thinking when they see this from their CCTV. Hahaha
Fun fun fun!!
Our snack... Yummy!!
Tata~ My hamsters!!
Escape artist or prison break? Lucky I saw it poking out. I wont want a hamster disappeared while I`m cleaning the cage. =D
My 2nd table. Kinda of messy. Just change the bedding for the hamster. 

Waterfall ( Somehow the left side of leaves is distracting ) Eeeek...not nice le
Waterfall ( This look better? ) =)
Main Crew for the outing.

I mixed up the date of my 4th brother Chen ming enlistment date. It was yesterday instead of next monday. NOOO!!! We had a gathering dinner before Javin and Chen ming went for their enlistment. Quite surprise that Kee wee and Wen cheng are driving. We had plenty of fun although several people cannot make it for the gathering.  This is the first time everyone get to eat doughnut together. So cool!!! Wee~

The Arab street walk was fun with CS member. Happen to meet one of my secondary school friend too. Well, the food there is sure nice. I cant talk much thank to my sore throat. D700 is out!!! New thing just coming out.......Ying hao bought SB800 but not long later. SB900 come out. Lolx....I nothing to say. 

Went to botanic garden with 2 daughter of mine and their classmates. Get to make up for the path I did not went for the first time for my stock photo hunting. Phew.... Bunny was having sore throat which was quite a relief. I dont want bunny to get on my nerve. It`s so scary. Hahahaha. We had dinner at makansutra. The food turn out to be soso. Maybe I prefer Raffles place there when it come to satay. Kind of having a heart to heart sharing session. Oh well, what life? Life is meant to be screwed around till u shout to the gods. Stopping screwing around!!! =X I enjoy the dinner. 

Unfortunately, the cupid that is watching over me didnt have any arrow. The bow is rusty and the string is snapped. I`m happy that he didnt go and anyhow shoot or else I`m gonna be in trouble.

If you like smooth music, I will recommend you Joe Hisashi. Plenty of nice music. Piano (Eng Version) , Ryojo , nostalgia ,  the wind of life. 

Goodbye from Air supply is very touching. I repeated it for 1 whole night just because my brain was filled with someone. Daniel and Justin taste in music seen to be quite alike to mine. =D

Was quite happy that the running wheel for the hamster didnt creak or make any funny sound because the whole night they  just keep running.

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