Monday, July 28, 2008

My idea of dating a girl out

What I will do if I got the money to date a girl of my heart.
A light refreshment in a restaurant. To reduce the tension and build up the impression 
A bundle of either 1, 2 , 3 , 5 , 99 , 100 , 999 or from her birthday ( Month + Day ) 
Example  Feb of 13 will 213 Roses.  If your gf birthday is 31 Dec then best for you. 1231 Roses!!!
A drive to the top of the hill to catch the sunset ( I still waiting for it to happen ) =P
A candle light dinner at the cafe at the Mount faber or  pan pacific hotel to enjoy the night scenery. Any Nice hotel also can*

Send her off to her house. A good night message before going off to bed. Magic wear off after that and I`m turned back to a poor hamster. Sianzzz....
                                                  End Of Fairy Tale 

That how I used to think of it. Selecting the best spot for sunset , dinner and romantic spot for relaxing. It just that I happen to be poor so I have to think more practical. I`m sure the guys know what I`m trying to say. We also want romantic stuff and surprise for the one we like. It just that most of the time we are restricted by alot of things like money, effort blah blah blah* 

The gift I got from Dreamzphotog wedding. It look so beautiful and nice.

The Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Illusionary Orb of nature
The winner of fantasy theme design by singaporean!!! =D

  I know this post will be abit weird of having 2 section instead of 1. I cant post more pictures because I am rushing 1 competition project, 1group project and 1 independent project. I need 8hours of peaceful sleep. So I am going to remove the water bottle and hamster wheel later and put more food for them to eat and sleep. =X 

  Love the lavender scent beside my bed. Just love it. Gonna change the hamster bedding tomorrow!! There a nut I trying to crack but somehow I got was being backfired. Some kind of mystical nut!! 

  Everyone is throwing their SB-800 to get SB-900!!! I`m going double speed to finish my internship and straight for the SB-900 and a dome diffuser!!! 

  sO long the short the day....

Help Me do this survey!! Really appreciate it =D

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