Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pre wedding snap

A Joyous Wedding Of Dreamzphotog & his wife ( let send your blessing to them too!! ) =)
Candid shot 
The stage of the king and Queen

  Just return from Cs dreamzphotog wedding void deck. I went for some nice shot and is really some photos are nice while the rest look horrible to me. Congra to Dreamzphotog once again. =D

Chill down there along with another photographer working with Dreamzphotog. Learn more about background and several tips to save money while investing in photography. Was really shocked to learn that just 1 day wedding under void deck can cost more than 20k. So exp even it isnt in hotel. Gentleman, can you start to get worry about the pocket getting a black hole when you are getting marry? Hahaha XD

Saw the stand which wasnt shown in school studio today. Got a flash back of how I lose the internship for a studio workshop by because the stand just dont bug. >.<||

The group work in the afternoon was funny and we stay there without completing anything. Wahahahaha. Chantel was fast as usual. Must learn the way she work. Went to the art gallery and enjoy the fantastic works from various secondary school and JC. Playing God is the most impressive art work to me. Awarded with Honors. The story line is about in the near future, baby can be create. You can choose what kind of child you want. There are several drawing. 1 is the machine with many wires fixed on the baby back with progress bar and number. Another is a doctor holding the test tube baby. How to choose the eyeball details and add in etc etc. I`m not sure when the art gallery will be closing. However if you are interested, please go asap. This yr works is definitely better the previous few yrs. =) I think* Heex

language or words are powerful tool to communicate. It can make a people levitate or plunge. Consistency usage of harmful words is enough to influence the person mind set provide if the will of one is unstable. Make use of the strength to give the warmth around. Give some faith and support for those who need it. A little bit of words is enough to boast a person moral. If you are good in communicating or mouth flooded with honey. Do what you can do for the world not what the world can do for you. 

2months 7pages with music and pay me $1.5 instead of that fellow. Chop chop my design is better than him!!! =O 

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