Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stress is waiting for me

ZZZ, I didnt know sleeping on road can be so relaxing. When I become a dog maybe I just tell you all how the feeling is like. XD
Revamp, Tuning the exposure problem due comments from fellow CS members. Hope this is better now. HDR is sure not easy. I`m in for another one.
Flyer capsules movement, guess the wheel turn clock wise or anti clock wise. =P
A random children memories snap. 

I think the first week of fun is ending. Due to the internship, I cannot allow anymore slacking. I just promise the boss to finish everything for him on time. Maybe I need to ask for more money due to the stuff I bought for the job scope. I just realize I should get a macro len to get better shot. Kind of happy because I just learn new tips of taking photos. 

This week was torturing. Unable to sleep well at night and get to sit on toilet bowl for 2 hours from 2 till 4am and then wake up at 8am to go school on the following day. Shag.....

I was wondering. Pardon me if you dont get what I`m trying to say. Even animal , reptile , insect , mammals  know about love. Dont come and ask me how you know. If they dunno they are extinct from the very creation of earth. It is invisible but it can be felt by them. Although they cant think much due to nature and does not have high intelligent as us. However they live peacefully unlike us. They  are pure and not corrupted. It can be boring routine but peace is there though there are predator and prey problem. Human possess knowledge that allow humans to step on moons, laws , medical , physic , weapon and so on and so on. It a remarkable feat for every single of us, yet the world is more chaotic with different generation of people thinking differently. It not I trying to promote ignorance but I just feel people are getting self indulgence through the surrounding. Averral post make me wonder non stop ever since. We are maybe becoming cold blooded animal and love this word may be erase from everyone heart. It can be spoken daily and even in milli second but yet none of it was from the heart. 

People are seeking the easy way out for themselves not for other party. Why is there so much love between the period they stay together and gone the very next minute they break? I am as  confused as Averral. I believe it is our kindness in our heart but it doesnt seen to be related. 

If there is love,

why relationship turn sour?
what is the true concept about love?
why love are used to trade with money?

People are losing their inner-self. So am I. I think? =P

I think god make a grave mistake by putting my soul in a male body. Wondering where can I WRITE a letter of complain to the God and ask for a replacement of body. Ok..... Just a thought. 

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