Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wish me luck

I`m not sure what color you saw for this poster. The background is suppose to be blue...the whole color change 180 degree. Omg!!! 

I did something out of fun. I send a small file to spca to donate this piece of work. I know they just delete my mail away once they see it. Oh well, I`m just sending out of  goodwill. Tomorrow I having basic theory test for the 4TH TIME!! =( Please dont fail!!! My parent will blew their top if I fail again. 

Friday I`m going to donate blood. I`m sure those who are O blood types will get the message from the HSB. So anyone who is interested to tag along can pm me to confirm the time.

Girl are good in their 6th sense and is 87% accurate. I just wish that they know how to read guys mind to know who truly love them. Tata~~

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