Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barrier down

The Alien time: Stroll in the park

  I have nothing to post but would like to give my gratitude to all my sisters who lend their ear and their advice for me. Xiao mei, thank alot for the draft too. =D

  Need to thx my bro and my buddy for the idea how to tackle the problem. We guys seen to have alot of crazy ideas. XS

  Once again would like to thank Isaiah my boss for the guidance. =)

  For some reason, each of us develop a barrier against other people regardless of who they are. For this alone , we miss the chance to know and understand them better. Coffee just went cold and a new cup was given. 

  Will you choose the cup or the coffee first? If it the cup that mean you are a materialistic type and sorry to say that your thinking toward love is shallow. 

  I spent quite sometime thinking and cooling down. I`m afraid to say I will definitely regret if I stop right in my track. There are thing which too precious for me to give up. The coffee definitely taste kind of bitter and sour yet it feel so warm down in my heart. 

  Tackling gal is one of the challenge to us guy just like how you hold your cup. Some never pick up the cup and left it down there admiring in distance. The coffee went cold and it mean the end. Some hold onto the cup without tasting. For this situation, there a saying goes yet so near yet so far.  Some have slip and leave the cup down there forever. Some ask for a new cup of coffee. 

  True everyone got it own personal taste. However what is important is are we able to appreciate the coffee given. If we get to drink finish it. Will you still go for another cup of coffee?? 

  I only get to admire the cup of coffee from the distance. I have no idea is the coffee cold or getting sour. If I have a chance, I will like to heat it up again if it cold and taste it. Just 1 cup of coffee is enough for me. Nothing less nothing more and I am  contended. 

  How about you?

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  1. Hey... I like your this post!!!

    And I totally agrees with you! =)
    1 cup of coffee is enough for me too....

    I can appreciate my 1 cup of coffee for 1 whole day... because I will use my cup warmer to warm it up!