Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful sunset

Cooling sunset
Mystical Blue 
Pinkish blue
Misty shore

  Only 2 thing to say....
  Isaiah the boss told me to be relax. He told me I can work harder once I working as full time in the future. What done cannot be undone, time to look forward. So I`m looking forward another internship where I will try my best. I will never forget this incident and will learn it from heart. Very forgiving boss, <3 

  I am facing this problem seriously, I like this person very much but in the same time I am very scared of her. So nothing is started since I`m too afraid to speak to her since I alway speak the wrong stuff plus the previous misunderstanding which she seen to be taking in heart. let hope miracle happen. =)

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  1. Really cool pictures. Do you use photoshop alot? Could you teach me. Haha