Friday, August 1, 2008

Blood donation

A hammy strip : Extracting oil

A hammy strip : Blood Donation

You may have to click on the image to have clear view. Still under beta testing for my comic strips. Comments are welcome.

Cant believe my drink had small cockroach. to the staff and staff told me will get me a new drink. No thx, I dont want to drink a bigger cockroach. My head is growing 2 feeler. =X

The needle are still horrible. Thick and sharp. Poke poke....and weee~!! The fact is I dont like blood donation. I go for it is because there are people out there who need blood to live another day. In the future , I may could be a victim who need blood to help me survive from an accident or disease. It will be those heros who donate their blood to let me live longer. Salute to all blood donors!! Saving and caring for other people lives without thinking of any reward are truly hail as Heros. Taking part in charity or donating money with lucky draw all the prizes stuff make me feel like I took part for the sake of the prizes. 

My weight was 79.2kg!!! So after the blood donation -450g and now my weight is only 78.85kg!!! Hurray!!! =X

Give a try at HSA if you haven try before. It may hurt and you wont like it. However you will remember the deed you had done. =)

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