Thursday, August 7, 2008

East coast Park snap

Fly me to the moon
Bedok jetty
Waves 02
Is this your ribbon?

Above pictures are taken in east coast park. Look nice only in small size. =P

  I am spending a short break this weekend. Hehe... for interested viewers who like my photos. Click on the labels on the right. 

  70-300mm G is still consider good for a still life shot. See how clear the moon look. =)

East coast park was one of the most attractive place for relaxing , sport and romance. The sunrise and the sunset have to depend on the clouds drifting across the sky. Sometime the whole sky just went pinkish orange or pinkish purple which left you bewildered. I have see many couple choosing good spot and sitting with their head on each other grazing across the sea. Many wont bother to move when the sun set down. The lights from the ships , island and indonesia become another wonder for them to enjoy. You will realize some of the couple remain there for hours till very late hour and walk off slowly wishing that time will stop.

  Families setting up their tents and spread sheet during friday and saturday. Kids running around mad and splashing the water giggling and shouting away. Adults preparing the food and chit chatting away. Teenagers will be playing pokecard or start drinking away happily. Truly a place to relax.

  When I got a chance to have a couple shot in ecp during sunset. I will share it with everyone how romantic the place can be. =D Any volunteer? =X

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