Monday, August 11, 2008

Grand Uncle birthday

Sakae Sushi 
Mother Monkey with her baby
Scratching services from the guys o_O?
Birthday cake
Grand uncle birthday
A 10 year old wine bought from Hungary
My earlier generation including that little sister. =O
Snap snap

"The craziest thing I`ve done for love.. is to confess to the girl I had a crush on, that I love her- face to face"

Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008

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  Went out with my friends to have Sushi buffet at orchard on sat. All the photos of my friends turn out very dark which was kind of pretty embarrassing. =X

  Went to bukit timah hill to find my grand uncle. Snap afew of the monkey although the weather is poor. Have plenty of fun throughout the whole day. -)

  Another chapter of my thought:

  Some went through great pain to love , some fall some survive. Different route different goal. Often I see things breaking apart. We get to listen to so many love song yet it seen so different in the reality. We sing and weep during the same times . The world move along with your tear and after sometime you give up. If people feeling can burn and fade after sometime. Where the love that came out from their mouth? Till some extend , it seen love is nothing but just an illusion. Some went crazy and they end their life. How many people feel love is an commitment? Or do you think love is just moment of thrill, excitement and game? When we see people heart being torn apart. Words that we spoke to console are pretty useless and it alway the time that heal the heart. 

  How many of you listen to beauty and the beast ending theme "Tale as old time" Listen to the lyric and compare yourself to the reality. What do we really see? 

  Love is out there definitely somewhere. We just didnt know who , why , how , where, what from the future. Whatever anyone of you do during a relationship. Remember Responsibility

  Oh yes!! Saw the top sentence? This is how I feel!! I wish I am crazy enough to confess my love to that young lady face to face and  stare into her small sleepy eye. However I think I will get a heart attack first before I can open my mouth. T_T|| 

  Love to everyone*  Tata~