Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grenade mishap

Feeling hungry?
Nimble gnawing his teeth

Puala Ubin Trip on Sunday with CSer
The evening Moon
Hi Doggy =)
Swiss resting
Journey back

To all Tagger: I have no idea how to reply to everyone. Hmmm...If you are asking about the photography. I happen to have the  len to snap the moon. The lighting of the wine bottle happen tobe taken in low shutter speed in a total white enclosure. =)

  Matt: Helo Matt, time to add me in your msn. =))
  Jeffu: I get to know Matt through Nuffnang =P
To Monkey lover: Hehe, I also like the monkey photo. Cant get any nearer to take photo of the baby monkey. It look so CUTE!!! XD 

  I went to Changi hospital to visit a buddy of mine yesterday. His right leg was fractured. It happen during the grenade throwing which all NS people get to throw a live one through their life. He fall on the rubber ground from the height of less than 1m from a distance of 2 running step after running.  

  Went straight after lesson. Was abit relieved that it wasnt as bad as what I think. However I know that he is very sad. He cant go OCS or POP. He was told he may go recourse and down batch from B to C. A jolt was embedded within his leg bone which he had to take out again in a year time. I had no idea how to console a guy whose ambition in NS was crushed in an exercise.  His family came not long later and ask him what happen.

  If you read carefully. It was a mystery that why his bone fractured from such a low height when the ground is those singapore playground the rubber which help to absorb impact. He only run 2 step and then he slip.   ._.

  My mind was dot dot dot dot dot......even now my brain is full of dot and question mark. 
  His officer visit him too with a short conversation, consoling him and telling that they will fight for him Recourse issue. The guys came and we left around 10pm. Wish him an early recovery!!

  Another chapter of my thought:
  Did god create this as a test of our faith? Is there any solid proof that this is the work of the god? 

  One of my classmate was joking that my buddy become Professor X from the X-Men. I want to laugh but I feel angry too. In the end, I dunno should I laugh or get angry. =3 

  Kind of bastard but I like it. =X

  Change to a song with vocal. It cantonese and I dunno the lyrics but really love it. XD

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