Thursday, August 28, 2008

My photo for Nuffnang competition

Taller than the building =)
What happen recently?
My PC was corrupted till reformat disk also become corrupted. My Laptop crashed last week and pretty much of my work was gone just like that. I need to hand in few project on week 7 and the rest on week 8. The best is that now this is week 6. Can you feel the fear in my heart? 0_O....some of my project do halfway and gone!!!
PC fairshow for this season seen to be better. Much more varieties although I dont remember seeing any stall that got sell laptop or pc spare part. I did see NEC got trade in for laptop. This is kind of cool** So better check out with NEC.
Nikon are pushing the sale of their lens with abit of discount too. I think I will go for the freebie along.... XD
_ : Live your Digital Dream with Canon.

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  1. Great picture, indeed you look like a giant!! :)