Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nafa excursion!!

Reporting in..
Follow me..
Staring or deep in thought?
When all the freaks gathered!!
Spot the difference
Our class!! Quite a number didnt turn up though. =X
Evening view from my kitchen during my dinner. A short but a very good break by enjoying the sunset with a cup of drink. =D
Didnt have a good wink last night. Woke up like a zombie searching for some food. Squeeze in the bus which was very unexpected including the slow traffic.
So the class went on an excursion to Bolly wood/ farm something with other several class too. It wasnt exciting but still great. It a very good exposure for everyone to learn things and communicate with each other. All the photos uploaded are few shot of outing. Yup yup... =)
So get to have my 3 in 1 meal at jurong east MRT with the guys before going home. Went back home to eat again. =X So was enjoying the scenery from the kitchen. XD Love it!!
Got my mac back finally. Thank my buddy P for his laptop or else I wont be able to go online and edit any photos.


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