Thursday, August 7, 2008

New cage

Hamster bar climbing

Climbing up
Reaching the exit

And back to square 1...

The set up of new house
The difference between the old and new cage
Interior facility 

  Just changed the bedding and the move to the new house for them. I happen to got it from my xiao shu store room. Since he is in china working, I just use it without his permission. =X It an old cage and the opening is spoilt but usable. 

  I decide to give both of them a name. Nibble the hamster who alway love to bite me all the times and sheepy the hamster that really listen and keep quiet in a corner. I got problem handling Nibble whenever my hand gesture it to come onto my palm. Nibble will walk over and nibble at my finger. It really like a bite cause it pain and it wont release it teeth even you lift your finger to your shoulder length. You need to shake abit so it will fall. Need more time to spend with Nibble. =/

  Both are 6weeks old. =) I hope both of them dont try to gnaw their teeth against the metal bar thoughout the whole night. I need to sleep. >.<||

  To approach or not to? ( This is my view about O )

  When we reach certain age , we tend to think more ahead and more considerate toward people around us. However in some situation , some went the different direction and becoming self-indulgent and totally unaware of the feelings of those around them. Maybe they are getting out of place or lost in their own world. Dont you think we should give a bit of helping hand?

  As friend , relative , buddy , family or even classmate. It is good to guide or correct those who step into wrong path or direction. Yet due to the age of each person, it could be abit embarrassing to approach them. People may get the wrong idea of your good will and in the end you wont want to bother. It help save yourself against bad impression or any other unnecessary problem that started from the approach. That why some people will say you are nosy or kapo. So why care?

  I got this person O in my class. I didnt have any good impression about him even though we spend more than 1 yr together already. I felt it is very hard to communicate with him. I did try to talk to him and times smiling before approaching him. The conversation will stop dead right where it started. That because it turn out he the one who will be talking and I dont have the chance to say my view except saying oh , ya , really? , ic , ok . The worst part is when I haven even start talking he will suddenly say kan ni bu chao chee bye. O_o||.......Did I do something wrong?? 

  He interrupt people conversation without letting people finishing their lines. I know he got watch whose line is it anyway? However the rest didnt and it quite disturbing to the people involve in the conversation. We like joke and dear viewer , everyone like joke and laughter. However O joke was too random that it seen to be coming from planet MAR or frequency that seen to be out of tune. I`m no radio man so do the other. He will laugh once he finish his joke, the rest laugh too. A fake laugh....hahahaha. Sound cool to you? 

  Everyone had an experience of being an attention seeker. We do not know what got over us but we need some attention for that period of time. That where true friends will approach you and spend bit of time with you. Seek attention from class is a good idea too. Speak more and ask something that everyone is comfortable instead those 3yr old kid question. Dont come and ask people what time lesson end when it already the 3rd week of school. When you need someone to teach you , listen carefully take down note and of course thank that person. Not looking at other people while that person is trying her best to explain to you about the function of dreamweaver and interrupt her teaching, asking non related questions. O seen to wasting people times at times. He like to swing around and he get to knock or bump into other without any apology. We got a classmate G who happen to be sick and need rest. O swing with his arm around and bump into him and swing his way back to his seat without any apology. It good to stretch yourself but not around in the class. You are human not UFO. Swing like a monkey or UFO is seriously forcing me to design a  (NO UFO / NO MONKEY allow) Board in the classroom.

  There are many things we can share and speak. Dont keep on target me just because of I am botak. I wont mind myself to be part of a joke which is harmless and beneficial to everyone. However please dont try to insult me by crossing the line , O didnt realize his words are way too cruel for a human being and it is very fatal to those who are a saddist or weak heart.  Oh yes, O have this habit of asking why you smile in a funny tone. Excuse me, is there any no smiling board around? It good to ask but dun ask in an stern or angry tone. You are provoking people not asking. So O seen to be a saddist and an introvert. He is in his own planet flying his own spaceship shooting those maggots infested in his brain and didnt ask for any SOS. O can continue to find himself more problems rising without noticing it. More maggots for him to shoot. Krick kirck.... 

  I want to approach him and discuss about his problem. However he is way too firm in himself , he will start his attack on me. You can hear all sort of vulgarity from malay to english to hokkien then back to malay and so on and so on and it will become a 2hour movie of vulgarity. Sound cool? I`m not a good speaker if the client had no intention of cooperation. When classmates go heck care mode, class become a jungle full of many small tribe and yes. God please turn us back to early civilization where we can learn more about unity. I`m not complaining but just trying to voice out how important and how fun class can be. It is up to everyone of course. Every single person got the potential to bring the class into one and the best period of our life. Yup yup.... =D

  Should I talk to O or remain quiet and watch his downfall? How you all think? 


  1. 'God please turn us back to early civilization where we can learn more about unity' i would like to add something on this phrase, if god really turn us back to early civilization, we can not only learn about unity but also nudity. whahaha

  2. Awesome hamster cage!

    IT's the same one my hamster is using! Though these days my hamster just runs around in my room.

    But my hamster is of that huge breed. At least 2 and half times bigger than ures I think!