Sunday, August 17, 2008

Painting with light Photography

1st shot-Testing lighting and shutter speed.
Note= Please take note that object color should not contrast against the background like 1st shot.
2nd shot self test. Checking for flare. Me and my hp!!! =D
3rd shot- The project begin
4th-  Circle. Finally got the right shutter speed , ISO , aperture and EV
5th- Edited*
6th- Sparkle
7th- Olympic!!! The middle person didnt swing bigger. =X
Thx for watching!!! XD

   If you are a regular reader. I am happy to say I whine enough and I will try to bring more entertaining tale instead of those grumpy stuff. =)

  All photos above are define as painting with light photography. You are able to draw anything with any tool whether it can be a normal torch light or any sparkle. You can try it on your own with just a PNS camera in M mode. Please note that there should not light in surrounding area. The light holder are advise to dress in totally black. 

  Photographer are recommend to use bulb in shutter speed to capture the whole/ part movement of the holder. 

  Went to help my classmate Mint in her assessment regarding this painting with light photography. Got more help and fun when Shihan and her friend tag along. Was happily taking photo at the back of the school (NAFA) the road there halfway. We are being chased away by this security guard saying we need a lecturer accompany us. I dont see the reason we need to leave. We pay school fee to study and work hard. Doing project on sunday night behind the school on the road is a crime? Taken down the detail of that security guard supervisor and will ask the lecturer first. Damn lame to me >.<||

  Went for dinner together chilling. Talking about how much work left undone and returning home feeling more stress!!! XD 

  Jun Jun Riko is so cute!!! =P


  1. wow! very cool! i enjoyed checking them out! My WS is up too at this link!