Monday, August 4, 2008

Quitting internship

  I told Isaiah my boss for the internship that I`m quitting. I`m sure Isaiah wont be happy about it. I also didnt want to quit. I just had to do it. This is the first time I backing out on my word to my employer. I feel very terrible. Hate to admit but I am really slow in the work. I will finish the rest of the photo if I got 1 more month. However I dont have!!! 

  So sad, so sad that I just break down. An employee work his best for a good boss. I just lost a great chance to work and complete a task set by a good boss. A very heart breaking lesson to me. 

  What I can do now is do some make up for him. Sorry for being emo. I just make someone disappointed in me. The tears just flow non-stop.... 

The truth is an internship meant alot to me.....I really dont want to give up.

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