Monday, August 4, 2008

Railway Romance

A stroll on the track
Hi =)

StoryBoard: Our destiny

The crews for helping out in the shooting. From left to right : Li ping , Zhi ying , Tian zhong , Xin hui. Thank alot for enduring the hot sun and giving me time for exploring the angle of shot.
Yup, really appreciate the help they given. =) I forget to tell Tian zhong to wear his shade. =3
I was evaporating while taking the photo under the sun. Guess I`m lighter by few grams after the shooting. XD

Let test out your thinking. I didnt not type anything for  storyboard. Take your time to digest the pictures under the storyboard and create any poem or poet you like. Feel free to put in comment only* Thank alot.

This afternoon I had unexpected visitors. Was ._. when the kids calling me uncle. Was even more ._.|| when they start to ask funny question like is your gf a gal , why is flamingo black. Woa...Feel like fainting. Computer crash and cant even reformat as the D drive had a missing file. Sad......

Ytd night went to have dinner with Hy they all after the photo shooting. Have a hearty meal before going home and pack up to go back to my grandma house. So it was around 11pm when I was browsing someone post while packing up. I read finish a short post and I was frozen for a short moment with my eye flooded. I have no idea what got over me. I was thrown into state of chaos after reading it. The trip back from cck to kembangan was long yet busy with my mind whirling round and round. I begin to feel my brain is getting smaller than a peanut. =/

Sometimes why do gal like to contradict themselves. I just wonder. Young lady, do you really hate me that much just because of the misunderstanding in past? Is it really that hard to communicate? Do you know each word you voiced out is a verdict to me? =X

I just feel I`m losing myself out of the sudden. I just feel more tired than usual....Hmm... drink toka ali !!! =X

Tagboard Reply:

Jeff: Who is Miss BA vogue??

Tse: That my 5th blood donation. The 6th is in oct. Want join me? =P

JS: Thx alot for the post. I really learn something

Ken: U look bigger than me le. Want buff me right? =X

Tung: Hi Buddy!! Visit my blog more often =D


  1. hey man, i read your comment on my blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. anyway you've some awesome photography here, more to come i hope? :)

  2. this must be ur weekend snapshot! very nice photos, dramatic! Mine's up too at thi link! Hope u can stop by...

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  4. where's the exact location of this place ah?