Sunday, August 31, 2008

Registration Of Marriage

Nice flower?

Holding on
The Cert
Desert and Red wine,

  The Owner did not give the permission for me to upload any pictures of them or any other involve in the ceremony. So I can only upload this few photo. =P However I hope everyone can get to know more how is Rom like. 

  Get to learn more about about this type of indoor wedding. Thx Daniel =D

  After attending the ceremony, it come to my attention about how I think about love in the first place. Human beings are selfish at times , we are pampered and we alway get the things we want. If it come to objects or meant that can be bought through money. Love is something else, unique and full of mystery. 

  Sometime thing are better left alone , it will be go along with the flow of nature. If we really love someone , we dont have to let them know. Wishing her/him happiness is the same as loving. Even not fated to be together, knowing someone you love is living in bliss. Shouldnt you be contended?  =D Just from my view. =)

  I going to be dead for this term assessment....

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