Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working on my hamster to send for Canon photography Contest

Hail the 1st Hamsterlord!!!!
Sheepish.Please stop moving your head away from my camera!!
Omg.....he really turn away from the front. Have to take from other angle.
Crown falling down. Stop nodding your head please!!!
Alamak!!! Crown drop onto other side. Sian liao
Put on Crown again. Sheepish full le. He went biting the props!! >.<|| Sheepish start to move around. Nooo!!! O_O!!!
Sheepish run off and left his crown after some distance..... T_T
He went set up a barrier for himself. Helo!! I`m your  owner not  some fat monster!!!! Sigh~
Sheepish went to sleep straight away when I return him to his cage. Eat so much but never help me!!! Only know how to eat and sleep. Haven even pose for me at least one nice picture. T_T||

I spend one whole night testing a simple pose of my idol * The 1st Hamsterlord*  So I cut out a small crown to test it. I give sheepish the chocolate crunch as his treat for the only way he will not move around is when he start eating. 

I set up the light and the backdrops. A simple cloth and testing the exposure. Put the treat in the middle when I finish the preparation. 

I dont have to explain what happen as you all can see from above the photos the process of making my idea photo to send for the Nuffnang photography contest. 

I take out nimble and the moment he landed on the cloth. He run off and he just keep running around. So I totally dont have the chance to take any snap of him. 

How I wish I cant communicate with hamster...... =.=||

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