Friday, September 12, 2008

About Me ( The beginning )

Alright, let ask everyone of you. Did you parent mention that you are picked up from rubbish bin or found it in the forest or somewhere when you get naughty? Think about it, it quite hilarious. I gonna use this tactic if ever my children turn naughty. =P
I was told that I got a high fever not long after I was born. The high fever come and fade for week, I was so sick and so skinny  that my mother told me that I look liked I wont make it. My parent went to pray one of a deity in the kampong. After that, I recover though somehow the high fever seen to damage my brain. A guardian is watching after me I guess. =)
So sometimes I learn things slower than normal. Studies just turn bad and everyone started to say people will despise you if you dont study hard. My father told me one that I will never forget. No matter how stupid or clever I am, I am still his son. Life has to be meaningful not only to the fullest. At least you still have the integrity, you wont disappointment your parent wishes. 
Slow in learning able to daydream for every minute. I`m good in daydream ever since young. I can remain stone for 1 whole day thinking about something. Game , traveling oversea , foods  etc etc....That the reason my father will alway say I alway use my talent in the wrong way. Hahaha....

I`m quite happy I am able to study in a art school to express myself. Draw things to reflect my ideas. 
Life isnt a bed of roses but yet many people feel life is filled with pricked and thorns hidden beneath the roses. 

  I feel that each unhappy incident let us learn and prepared ourselves for the future. Life is hard for everyone but let this be known to everyone that we are born here to know what is life!!

Even you feel there is no strength to continue walking, raise your hand to your friends!!! Everyone , family , bro , sis , buddy , friends and even stranger will offer you bit of help to light your path. 

Life is worth living every single second. The world is a place filled with warmth and love. Share it around that you care.

By doing this so, we are going to create a paradise for everyone. Cheer!!!!


  1. That's a good way to express your thoughts! =)

  2. WOW !
    Good one !
    Good luck and keep it up !

  3. hahaha...u posts always make me smile :)

  4. ahahahaha!! mr alien! awww! your drawings are really cute ..! alot of heart and humor which is really rare these days! do keep it up! XD