Sunday, September 7, 2008

A bit about me ( Part 1 )

For some reason, I have problem communicating with some people. So it make me feel like I am from some far far away planet. The illustration depict about me and what I like and think.
I alway want to go japan and watch the spring blossom under the tree beside the lake. 
Yes, love is in the air although I haven seen to get one of my choice. Even I got it, what I really want is love till the edge of the world. Nothing more nothing less. Another of my wish is having my gf to watch sunset with me. Will prefer east coast park or any other that provide a great sunset view. 
How many of you wanted to climb to the top of the hill and scream out loud the person you like. Just confess to the sun and shout whatever you want. You will definitely feel relax after it. However in singapore, there only bukit timah hill , fort canning , bukit batok nature reserve that got hill. You can scream for 30 minutes and you get the chance to go to hougang mental hospital after that. =)
I like to wander around, I like nature since it is so peaceful. However wont like if the sun is too strong. I will evaporated instantly. Dont really go plucking flowers. Happy go lucky is my attitude toward life. Somehow I`m changing this mindset because of someone. Even I want to change , I will not know what she want? Sometime in the middle of the street, I will just stop as an idea struck into me. I wont get to remember the idea by the time I reach home. =/

I love music!! I love to play piano and flute. Gave up playing piano when young thank to my naughty attitude. Regret yet unable to look back. For some reason, I wish that my future wife know how to play piano in the living room while I am sitting on the sofa reading newspaper. Still can dream till the extend of how the living room look like. Glass sliding door with white curtain reach to floor with the breeze blowing. It total white outside so I guess it mean living on a very high storey place. 

I want to play out a song while drifting on a wooden in the middle of a river. Meng li will be quite nice. Flowing along with the fallen leaves and withered flowers. Blowing the flute till the raft sink. lolx 

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  1. I have an idea. Bring a small notepad and pen where ever you go. When you get an idea, immediately write it down, haha!! XDD

  2. hey... did u draw that?? VERY NICE!