Friday, September 19, 2008

Family importance

Surprisingly I`m going to say out about this topic. Recently one of my friend was forced to move out of his house after fighting with his dad. Wasnt really surprise since it happen from time to time. 

I know his father character well enough. So let us see what his father done.

His father love to train his son as if the whole house was an army camp. He impose strict rules and regulation which alway tend to be unreasonable. He scold his son girlfriend at home that this is a house not a hotel and it happen a few times. He dont respect his son decision and alway decide without his son agreement ending quarrel and fighting. It seen the father only know how to pick up fight when thing dont goes his way. His father do not know how to love his son in the correct way. 

The latest incident was that the father smashed the Modem. My parent dont throw things around and even if my  future wife gonna throw anything. I will remind her that we got to buy a new one if the thing spoil!!! -.-|| from Ikea also need $$ ok!!

What really left me speechless was that he is working and studying at the same times. I admire those who are able to work and study at the same times. They manage their time well. This friend was a nice guy since we know each other from small. Good luck to him.

If you happen to be parent. You have to realize that improper teaching at home can lead your own child astray. It is not easy to educate children as it require alot of patience. When a child goes bad, it tend to be family problem first. 

When they like to choose a wrong decision, dont act on impluse by making your own choice. Let they walk on their own first and learn from the lesson. It only when they fall or lost , it will be your duty to encourage/ Motivate  them. All parent are just like guardian angel watching their children back. This is a holy duty which every single parent must commit. Never give up!!!

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