Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo of Moon and some other photo

Another snap of the Moon during Moon cake festival. 

And a lantern too. -)
Taken last friday at plaza sing there. Want a ride anyone ?
A test shot during the night with my classmate after finishing printing our assessment stuff. 
And this is what he taken. Nice? =)

  Last week and this week was the assessment period. So yesterday was the last day for my class but not for me since I had to digital media by next thursday thank to the laptop which crash on the wrong timing. Awwww.....feel so demoralised......

  Everyone must have enjoy their moon cake festival. Eat mooncake , play candles and sparkle but I had to stay at home to rush my assessment. Missed the day when I went to the canal and fold paper boat putting the candle on it. Lighting up the small river* >.<......Youth seen to be fading away. 

  Alright....Time to squeeze my brain juice again. 


  1. Wow..the photo of the really took it? Guess your camera must be good...i do try to take but the quality was not good enough..

  2. nice moon bro.
    what lens did you use?