Friday, September 5, 2008

What I done tonight....

Return home quite early today after finish flying one big plane on my classmate accidentally. Set up my desktop straight away. Was surprise that the repair service install window xp pro version instead of home version. Kudos!!! =D

My mac book cant play wma. And because of this, one of my favorite song Tale as old times ( Beauty and the beast ending theme )cannot be played. Imeem only have 30 sec playable length. So it been a month ever since then. Set up my surround sound system just to listen Tale as old time. Omg!!! Just love it soo soo much!!!

Do you know Beauty and the beast was officially english translated in 1757 and was first written in 1740?? It is one of the best frictional romance I ever seen till now. So I will recommend everyone to watch Walt Disney animation 1991. =P One of the greatest classic. So do you support a person can find true love despite his ugliness??

Search through my stuff and went to watch initial D 3rd series the movie. Drag all the way to 3/4 of the movie just to watch the pinkish lake when both Takumi and Natsuki finally reconcile with each other and the ending of course. =D You will need to start watching the first series till 3rd series to know the full story about them. For this story, the plot is more complex as it reflect indirectly about getting fast cash through sex, blind by greed and learnt their lesson when it too late. The movie does not play the usual way how each parties become close to each other. Instead it the girl who took up the courage and take intivative while the male just keep quiet and try to walk off leaving memory behind.

Both are frictional romance yet they are the concepts which been played by many, over and over again. It is a necessary topic for all viewers to know there are bound to be evil lurking beneath each love story. It is inveitable to escape or to avoid through our life times. The solution is what preventive measure we take and our handling skill.

I dont watch any romance drama or movies except afew. Legend of condor hero ( China version )
Sex is zero , Mr Quiz king ( South Korean )

Different kind of love, so unique so strong so vulnerable!! No matter what happen , memories of your destiny still linger around. Hold on it if it is worth, let it go when the situation call for it. Love is cruel cruel that many suffer. Love is so warmth, people can fly without wings.
Love ? Let hope everyone got an ideal love of their own. =D

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Violet: Xiao mei thx for the Bear. =)

Jun Jun Riko: Those bears belong to my sister. =P

Jasper: I wasnt rotting physically. =P Wont be able to join you all the steam boat this weekend. =(

Sarah: 0_o|| comment. =P

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