Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Alien Times: Freedom of Heart

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Update: Music change again!!

This is not a promotion of those who suffer in relationship or whatever to follow as above. It just an message of what I`m feeling now that all. 

Fate is cruel and we are at it mercy. Time is running out and there is no absolute solution to solve the problem I am facing. If it can happen for 1 yr plus and left 6 weeks before moving on to different class and life. It way too impossible with what I am now.

Hold up your tear if you think you are going to break down. This is life and it is part and parcel of life. So regrettable yet nothing can be done. I will definitely remember this period of time and  contended that I get to know someone I like even not together.

After all loving someone doesnt mean have to be together, it the wish to see they smile and live happily. 

Each Obstacles make us stronger. That reason alone will push you for tomorrow and a better future ahead. 

Huggies to those who bear any scar in their heart.Be strong!! X)

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