Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best solution to enter a packed train everyday

The Alien Times : Durian Husk Benefit
You can consider making a full armor of durian husk and equipped it all over your body if you want.
Please do not run too fast as the people who saw you dashing with your durian head butt ,need time to run out of the train. You are strongly advise to shout bomb coming or just incoming loud enough. Some people on full blast in their mp3. They dont want to get pricked while in the midst of their music world.

Say out the password : "Poke poke."

If ever anyone ask you what are you doing.

Ok....that the end of the joke. There a no durian sign in all air-con place including MRT. In case you still dunno. =)

Ok let come to the real topic about this. Please see the reference about the Fare increase from SMRT. The Link-

I am a student from a an average family of four. My parent work very hard to pay for me and my brother education. Transport wasnt any problem until we grad from secondary and went to poly. So let take an example that in the morning at Chua chu kang MRT station. We had to squeeze like french fries in the holder. Lucky enough , we still can wiggle around or shift around . The worst part? That is to see and other people trying to force their way in the train and you see the affected commuters face became " Disturbed" It wont be a surprise if you actually wait until a 4th train with some space* for you.

Why increase fare so suddenly again at this time? We know the objectives that SMRT had stated out but then how many people agreed with the new proposal?

Everyone will be willing to fork abit more for the transport fee but we do not see what improvement SMRT had really do especially the congestion in the morning. Hopefully SMRT can really start to improve how to reduce the people frustration of having to wait and squeeze in the MRT, LRT and Bus in the morning.

However, I do have to admit that SMRT done a very good job in planning the bus route , LRT line and MRT. After all, it is rated as top class transport system. So I am quite happy with the services that SMRT provide.

I couldnt help laughing when government encourage those vehicle owners to take public transport. Imagine for 1 day* everyone just leave their vehicles at home and take public transport. All MRT station/ Interchange will be like expo or suntech having Fair show!!! I think the government should think before they speak. Does the spokeman take public transport in the morning in the first place or he is actually happily driving and listening to his favorite music station in his little cosy car? Having ERP outside main carpark in Toa payoh resident estate is driving the resident there crazy by the way.

We understand ERP objective is to improve traffic but why did the gantry pop out in resident area? Reasons given and aired in TV , newspaper and magazine. We are the citizen of singapore , we live and we got our views and do you think we will be so call Okay* by listening to all your reasons?

Just abit on I feel. =P

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  1. encouraging vehicle owner to take public transport is a good move in my opinion.
    It allows more space for public transport to fill up.